14 Keys to Overcome ADHD Naturally

If you have ever performed some research on the Internet regarding natural approaches to ADHD, you have surely realized that there are many options available. Actually, there so many things you can do – so many pieces of the puzzle – that it can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

If you ever felt confused and overwhelmed, you are not alone. I was too when I first started. I quickly recognized that I needed to organize all the information into a logical, step-by-step, guided system that would help me help my patient without getting lost. This is why I created the 14 Keys to overcoming ADHD naturally – a roadmap to create a healing plan that works without getting lost in the confusion of possibilities.

Key no. 1 – Taking Inventory
In order to be able to create a healing plan that works, we first need to understand what his going on with your child. By “understand what is going on”, I do not mean labelling the child as having ADHD, but rather performing a comprehensive evaluation to understand why your child is behaving and functioning this way. This is what the first key is all about. In the Unritalin Solution, we use a very comprehensive evaluation process that is composed of 7 levels of investigation.

Key no. 2 – Back to Basics
In order to have a chance to heal from any disease, we need to respect a few fundamental principles of a healthy lifestyle. I call those fundamental principles the 7 Great Healers. They must be in balance in order to create a solid foundation upon which we will build the rest of our Healing Strategy. Those fundamentally include regularly going out in the sun, proper breathing of fresh air, drinking plenty of pure water, eating nutri¬tious foods, doing rhythmic movements and exercises, proper sleep and rest as well as a balanced mental and spiritual attitude.

Key no. 3 – Accessing Healing Physiology
This key is all about managing stress. When we are under stress, our body and mind simply cannot heal. As a parent of a child with ADHD, you know what stress is all about. You can help access your healing physiology through relaxation, meditation, yoga and massage. In the “Unritalin ADHD Solution Starter Kit”, I also introduce readers to a powerful new approach that helps you body gets rid of the accumulated stress and become more resistant to stress. This new approach has even been shown to improve concentration in adults in only two months!

Key no. 4 – Balance Electromagnetics
In this key, we deal with all the electromagnetic pollution that has been shown to affect how our brain waves activate. Studies have shown that electromagnetic waves similar as the one used by cell phone affects our cognitive performance.

Key no. 5 – Balance Neurology
This key is all about balancing the brain. New research in neuroscience in the last decade has shown that the electrical brain imbalances that underlie the symptoms of ADHD can be retrained by exercise and natural stimulations. In the Unritalin ADHD Solution Starter Kit, I even show you several exercises that you can do at home to get your child started on the road to recovery.

Key no. 6 – Balance Structure
This key is very important, especially if your child has developed symptoms of ADHD or if symptoms of ADHD have increased after being victim of a trauma to the head or the spine.

Key no. 7 – Eat Right for Your Genes
This key is all about nutrition and proper eating and how a powerful ally they are on the road to overcoming ADHD. It is a vast domain and the space available here prevents me from going into details.

Key no. 8 – Heal the Gut
The gut, now called the “second brain” by some scientist, play an important role in the health of your ADHD child. Even if your child does not have any stomach or tummy symptoms, his or her gut may be the source of toxins that get in the body and affect how his or her brain works.

Key no. 9 – Balance Metabolism
There are many “metabolic glitches” that need to be balanced in the body of your child. It might include taking specific vitamins and minerals, balancing neurotransmitters so that parts of the brain can communicate better with each other, or bringing balance to the immune system. In some cases, specific herbs may be used to help with associated symptoms.

Key no. 10 – Desensitize the Body
Most of children with ADHD have food intolerances that cause or increase the poor behaviour. Eliminating those from the diet is extremely helpful. But in the long run, some diets may be difficult to follow. Desensitizing the body helps with this issue.

Key no. 11 – Detoxify
We live in a toxic world. All the toxin that we accumulated affect how the brain works and can trigger symp¬toms of ADHD. Detoxification is an essential component of a successful healing strategy.

Key no. 12 – Free-up the Emotions
There are numerous emotional issues associated with ADHD. The most frequent ones that we see in our clinic are poor self-esteem, oppositional behaviour, anxiety and poor motivation. Those issues need to be addressed with the help of the proper practitioner.

Key no. 13 – Engage the Body Mind
Our mind often has some powerful untapped possibilities. In this key, we help children and their families to learn how to access the true healing power of their mind to overcome ADHD.

Key no. 14 – Grow Spiritually/Embrace the ADHD Gift
This key is all about understanding and embracing the gift of ADHD. Individual with ADHD are usually full of resources that are unfortunately not recognized by our society.