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ADHD Herbal Remedies: Focus Formula

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder sees the world as a fast-moving kaleidoscope with sounds, thoughts, and images shifting in a constant blur.  They are distracted, daydream easily, and have difficulty controlling their impulses. Many parents are looking for alternatives to help their children, and herbal remedies are among the many options available. 

Thanks to advances in food supplement manufacturing, herbal formulas that promote a healthy brain and nervous system are now readily available. One such product is Focus Formula, a non-addictive herbal remedy designed for children and adults with ADHD.  Focus Formula was formulated by a team of homeopaths, herbalists, and naturopaths in response to the need for a safe, non-medical remedy that could improve concentration, focus, and memory without harmful side effects. 

Focus Formula contains the following herbs, carefully extracted to ensure the bio-availability and balance of all their active ingredients:

Gingko Biloba

Gingko is one of the best-selling herbal remedies in the West for its effectiveness in preventing age-related forgetfulness and memory loss.  Other studies point to its efficacy in maintaining a healthy circulatory and nervous system. Active ingredients of gingko biloba include flavones glycosides, bioflavins, lactones, sitosterol, and anthocyanin.


American skullcap is a very potent nerve tonic that maintains the natural equilibrium of the mind, while promoting balanced mood and healthy mental attitude.  A recent study on skullcap showed it was able  to induce calmness and a relaxed mood without dulling the senses.  Active ingredients of skullcap include flavonoids, minerals, tannins, and volatile oil.  

German chamomile

German chamomile is widely known for its ability to relieve stress and simple nervous tension. This herb gently soothes and reduces the frustration caused by the tasks of daily living while keeping you alert and focused. Active ingredients of German chamomile include flavonoids, salicylates, coumarins, valerianic acid, tannins, and cyanogenic glycosides.

Gotu kola

An herb found throughout Asia and Africa, gotu kola supports a healthy nervous system by boosting brain functions such as working memory and verbal recall. Studies suggest that gotu kola does this by enhancing cerebral blood flow, thereby allowing more oxygen-rich blood to reach deep areas of the brain. This medicinal herb is so potent, Ayurvedic medicine practitioners believe it can enhance the experience of the supreme reality, Brahman.  Active ingredients of gotu kola include brahmoside and brahminoside, asiaticoside, madecassoside, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin K, pyridoxine, asparte, serine, glutamate, alanine, lysidne, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. 

Wild Oats

Wild oats are used as a home remedy to alleviate anxiety and irritability. Active ingredients include flavonoids, saponins, steroidal compounds, alkaloids, vitamins B1, B3, D, and E, wheat protein, and carotene.

Because Focus Formula contains concentrated amount of these herbs, it should only be taken in drops.  Children up to age 15 should take one drop per year of age in a glass of water or juice after breakfast and dinner. For instance, a seven-year-old child will need 7 drops in a glass.  Teenagers over age 16 and adults should take 15 to 20 drops in water or juice after breakfast or dinner.