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Desensitizing the ADHD Body

You're probably already aware that certain food substances can alter brain wave patterns and cause ADHD-like symptoms.  The objective of most ADHD diets is to eliminate these foods for a certain period of time and slowly reintroduce them so the child can build a certain tolerance to them.  Unfortunately, doing an ADHD diet is easier said than done.  Most of the forbidden foods involve pastries, pizza, potato chips – basically, foods that kids love to eat. You have to make sure that what goes into your grocery cart is free of forbidden ingredients.  You also need to watch out for your child and make sure that he or she doesn't receive any of these foods from sympathetic grandparents or classmates.

If you think your child cannot handle doing an ADHD diet, you can try to reduce the impact of food allergies by desensitizing the body.  Desensitization techniques are available from chiropractors and practitioners of alternative medicine. Using other therapeutic products and techniques from Chinese medicine, desensitization can clear food allergies and reduce the symptoms of ADHD.  

What makes desensitization techniques work is that they eliminate the root cause of the symptoms.  Many children suffering from ADHD and other chronic conditions have a problem with their immune system response or digestive tract.  They tend to have toxic metals in their body and are unable to eliminate these efficiently, or they have abnormal reactions to certain pathogens found in food.  Because their bodies are highly reactive, their immune systems work overtime fighting off these sensitivities to foods.  This means that the immune system does not have enough support to protect the body against serious threats like bacteria and viruses.  They tend to experience chronic problems like asthma.  Complex organs like the brain, which relies on fatty acids and other nutrients for its proper functioning, fail to receive the support they needs.  After getting rid of all these food and chemical sensitivities, most children experience fewer ADHD symptoms, improved emotional well-being, and better school performance.

The following are some of the treatments employed in desensitization:

  • Organ specific detoxification uses homeopathic medicine to release and eliminate the accumulated toxins in the organs, especially in the gut and the liver.
  • Enzyme therapy uses enzyme supplements to improve digestion and decrease inflammation.  This treatment also restores the balance in nutritional deficiencies, as well as other imbalances in the body.
  • Sensitivity desensitization uses knowledge of immunology and acupressure to evaluate the child's nutritional status and organ stress.  The allergic reactions are then eliminated with techniques from chiropractic, kinesiology, and acupuncture.

If you think desensitization techniques might help your child, look for a chiropractor who specializes in sensitivity elimination or allergy elimination.