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ADHD Herbal Remedies: Brahmi

ADHD medications can have significant beneficial effects on symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention. However, those effects are short-lived. Medications do not treat the underlying cause, and come with potentially serious side effects. This is why many parents are now looking into safer, more effective natural solutions.

Research done on the physiological effects of several herbal remedies suggests many potential benefits in terms of neurological  and brain performance – and these benefits could very well extend to individuals with ADHD.  Several herbal remedies have documented stimulant effects on the nervous system, and among them, brahmi is one of the most commonly used.  Highly recommended by Ayurvedic medicine as a nervine and brain tonic, brahmi supports the neurological processes that trigger relaxation while heightening mental acuity.  Unlike other herbs with a sedative effect, brahmi does not dull the senses or put you to sleep; it simply calms restlessness and anxiety while stimulating brain activity.

Brahmi works by modulating the GABA and cholinergic brain pathways by enhancing receptors' functions.  The leads to invigorated intellectual and cognitive functions characterized by clarity of thought.  The herb is also known to reduce levels of tribulin, an endogenous inhibitor that is elevated when a person experiences anxiety.  This explains the popular use of brahmi as a tranquilizing agent, memory enhancer, and brain tonic.   In addition, brahmi may have a positive effect on people suffering from Parkinson's disease and ADHD by enhancing dopamine receptors' post-synaptic activity. This gives a cognitive boost with increased alertness and focus. 

Brahmi extract is available in tablet form at many herbal stores, and is typically taken together with B vitamins.  It is not clear what the appropriate dosage levels is for children, but adults may take about 3,000 mg of brahmi twice a day--once at dawn and once in the late afternoon. Although brahmi is safe and non-toxic, it's best to consult holistic health care practitioner before giving any herbal remedies to your child.