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The Unritalin Solution saved my child's life and future. Now he can interact with anyone with relative ease. His symptoms are gone and he couldn't be happier.

The Unritalin Solution
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"The Unritalin Solution: 14 keys to overcome ADHD naturally is a simple plan to help your child behave better, focus more attentively, get better grades, develop a better self-esteem and more..."

The Unritalin Solution is a 45 days, step-by-step, guided home program designed to help you help your child. In this program, you will learn how to fix imbalances in your child's body and brain that prevents him or her from achieving his true brain potential.

In this program, you will find amazing information, tools and strategies to transform your child's impulsive, hyperactive and inattentive brain into a calm, confident, alert and joyful brain.

In just 45 days, or less, your child will begin to:

  • Develop better behaviour (finally ending those daily power struggles)
  • Increase his / her concentration (thereby slashing homework time in half)
  • Increase his / her self-esteem (as he or she can finally be his or her best)
  • Develop better memory (and you won't need to repeat ten times the same things)

  • In just 45 days, or less, you will:
  • Help your child go from failing grades to honour roll.
  • Help your child finally make friends... and keep them
  • Regain faith in your parenting skills (no more weird looks from strangers at the store)
  • Get your child and your life back!

  • Here's how the Unritalin Solution Works:

    The Unritalin Solution Ebook

    Part 1: Understanding ADHD

    In Part 1, you will learn everything you need to know about ADHD. You will learn what ADHD is all about, how it is diagnosed, the problems associated with it, whether one can grow out of it, and what causes it.

    You will also learn how the brain of ADHD children is different and how science has shown that common ADHD medications are full of side-effects and do not work in the long-term.

    In the 8 chapters of Part 1, you will also learn about:

    • Little known brain cells that are at the root of ADHD (your doctor probably has never heard of them!)
    • The scientific study that showed without question that ADHD medications do not work in the long-term (this is the study drug makers wish you would never see).
    • How pharmaceutical companies pay millions (yes, millions!) of dollars to influent researcher skew results and opinions in favour of drugs.

    Part 2: 14 Keys to overcome ADHD naturally

    In Part 2, you will learn about the 14 keys or core strategies you can use to help your child overcome ADHD in 45 days or less.

    You will learn how to go beyond symptoms and get your child evaluated in a way that allows you and your doctor to discover the real underlying causes of ADHD. This will allow you to better understand your child's needs and select the most appropriate interventions available from the Unritalin Solution's 14 keys toolbox.

    In the 16 chapters of Part 2, you will also learn:

    • The Key Indicator Questions: 10 questions that will help you pinpoint to the real causes of ADHD (your medical doctor probably never asked them!).
    • Cutting edge lab test your doctor may not have heard of that will help understand the underlying cause of the problem.
    • When, how, and who to select on your "health care team" to ensure your success in helping your child overcome ADHD naturally.
    • A revolutionary new approach that erases the stress of ADHD, while boosting concentration.
    • The two worst foods for ADHD (for some children, they are the true and only cause of ADHD).
    • Brain-healing nutrients for the ADHD brain.
    • Tools to embrace the positive side of ADHD.

    Part 3: Putting it all together: 45-day Home Program

    In part 3, we help you put all this information together. Thanks to our 45-day Home Program, you will be able to easily implement and make the necessary changes to get your child started on the road to overcoming ADHD.

    In this practical, step-by-step, how-to, guided program, you will learn:

    • A healthy eating plan that will help heal your child's brain.
    • Basic supplement to balance the underlying causes of ADHD
    • Powerful and fun brain balancing exercises

    This is the same program that we use in our clinic. Most families start seeing significant changes within the first 2-3 weeks of implementing the changes.

    The Unritalin Solution Vault

    With your order, you also get a lifetime access to the Unritalin Solution Vault. The Vault is a password-protected, members-only area of the Unritalin Solution website.

    By accessing the Vault, you will be able to:

    • Watch videos personally recorded by Dr. Pauli on specific themes and full of practical tips and advices.
    • Download and print the Unritalin Solution Starter Checklist that will allow you to easily implement the whole Unritalin learning process
    • VIP registration to get member-only updates.
    • Access tons of useful other resources to make your life easier.

    Order the Unritalin Solution now and get instant access to two special bonuses

    Bonus # 1
    45-day Home Program Action Step Guide

    Download the special companion workbook, which includes:

    • Grocery shopping list
    • Resources for recipes
    • Helpful checklists
    • Food and exercise trackers.
    • Food reintroduction log
    • Evaluation form

    Bonus # 2
    Lifetime FREE updates of the Unritalin Solution ebook

    Let's be real. New scientific evidence arise everyday in the field of ADHD. New discoveries make our life easier and our programs more effective.

    Our ebook will be updated as new information arises.

    You will receive all new editions of the ebook for FREE!

    Dr. Pauli's Commitment and Agreement: Your money-back guarantee

    Unlike many others who sell ADHD information on the Internet, I am not a marketer. I do not make a living selling information. I earn a living in my Clinic helping hundred of families like yours to overcome ADHD naturally. In my practice, I am known as someone who goes above and beyond for the welfare of my patients. When you order this product, I will have for you the same commitment I have for my patients.

    This is why I would like to make an agreement with you.

    If you order this product, implement it and benefit from it (like many hundreds of families before you), I would like you to tell others about it.

    If you feel that this product has not helped your child and family in any way, I do not deserve to keep your hard-earned money and I want you to contact me within 60 days for a full refund. Not only will you get your money back and get to keep this product and the access to the Vault, but I am also committed to help you find someone that will help you further.

    This is my commitment. Because I am here to help, and because it is the right thing to do.

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