Consulting Services

Dr. Pauli is available for one-on-one phone consultation. Services available during phone consultation include:

  • Review of case and case management recommendations
  • Recommendations of specific functional medicine testing
  • Complete case review, case management and case follow-up
  • Coaching on specific lifestyle issues and nutritional changes
  • Case co-management via consulting with a primary health care professional
  • Private Q&A sessions*

*Individual questions may be asked to Dr. Pauli through this website

We would like to inform you that due to his busy schedule and high demand, Dr.Pauli’s availability is very limited. Dr. Pauli recommends that you find a health care practitioner near you. Priority will be given to patients who do not have access to a health care professional trained in chiropractic neurology, functional medicine or nutritional medicine.


Interested in a Consultation?

Step 1 - Application

Send an e-mail to that expresses:

  • Your interest in consulting with Dr. Pauli
  • Your overall expectations for consulting (see 6 points above)
  • A brief description of your current situation
  • A motivated reason as to why you desire to consult with Dr.Pauli and why priority should be given to your case.


Your e-mail should include your complete contact information.


Step 2 – Acceptance of the Case

Dr. Pauli will evaluate whether he will accept your case or not. Dr. Pauli may request a 10-15 minutes free phone call consultation. In case Dr. Pauli cannot accept your case, you will have the choice to be placed on a waiting list or to withdraw your application. In case Dr. Pauli cannot take your case, he will make every effort to find a professional to refer you to.


Step 3 – Documentation

If Dr. Pauli accepts your case, you will be provided with a series of questionnaires. You will also be asked to prepare a file that contains all medical information obtained through other health care professionals to this day and forward it to Dr. Pauli.


Step 4 – Booking a Consultation

A phone call consultation will be booked once Dr. Pauli has received back all the proper documentation. Pre-payment of the consultation is required at this time. The price of the first consultation includes:

  • Complete review of the documentation (prior to phone consultation)
  • Written summary of the case (Initial Finding Report)
  • Phone consultation (50 minutes)
  • Recommendations

At that time, and in accordance with your expectations, you will decide on the next step of the consulting relationship.


Consulting Fees

Initial Consultation:
US$ 350 (see above for what is included)

Follow-up Consultation:
Available in 20, 30 or 60 minutes time period on the basis of 300 USD per hour.