4 Ways to Keep ADHD Kids Calm in Winter

December 10, 2014 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

ADHD parenting can be extra challenging when the weather turns cold and snow starts to fall. Kids have to stay indoors, and the four walls of the house might not be enough to contain their excess energy. Here are four tips that will make your hyperactive child more manageable until spring arrives.

Channel physical energy into creative energy

Kids with ADHD tend to have colorful imaginations that crackle with ideas. Channel your child’s physical energy into creative outlets to keep him or her occupied during long winter hours. Get your child involved in decorating the home for the holidays with Christmas-themed crafts. Or stock up on colored pens, paints, modeling clay, and other art supplies and plan out creative projects your child can work on.

Plan several energy-burning activities

Kids with ADHD lose interest in one hobby or pastime too quickly. When thinking of ways to keep your child stimulated, always plan more than one activity. Some great activities include:

  • Build indoor tents and forts. Stimulate your child’s imagination while staying cozy and warm. Use old blankets and comforters to create your indoor fort, and make sure this is done away from fire sources.
  • Creating a jump-only space in the house. You don’t have to put a trampoline indoors; just designate a corner of a room where your child can jump around as often as he or she likes.
  • Enroll your child in indoor sports

    Sports will not only burn off the excess energy your child might have; they will also harness your child’s attention span, impulse control, and focus. Consider signing your child up for ADHD-friendly indoor sports like gymnastics, kung fu, figure skating, or indoor wall climbing. Dance classes are another great way to stay fit and active indoors.

    Accomplish winter chores

    The snow might be fun to play in but they can also block driveways, doorways, and bury the car. Ask your child to help you shovel the snow and ice. The physical activity involved in doing winter chores have a calming effect on hyperactive kids and keeps them busy.

    Create a homemade gym

    Convert your garage or guest room into a homemade gym for the winter. You don’t have to buy expensive gym equipment for this; great additions to your homemade gym include exercise balls, a hula hoop, a tension band, and a yoga mat. Just make sure you place breakables and hazardous materials away from your child’s reach.