Can Treating ADHD with Ritalin Alter Brain Chemistry?

December 27, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

There are many reasons why I don’t recommend using stimulant medications like Ritalin to treat ADHD in children. At the top of the list are their potentially devastating side effects and the drug’s inability to treat the root causes of ADHD. Then there’s also the fact that ADHD symptoms persist despite medication. With long-term use, the brain builds a tolerance for the drug, making it less effective and requiring higher doses for it to work.


5 Tips to a Fun Holiday Season for ADHD Kids

December 20, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but you can’t deny that it also comes with its own set of stressors. When you work ADHD parenting magic while dealing with holiday havoc, it’s easy to see why you might feel frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed. The fast and busy pace of the holiday season stimulates an ADHD child and increases his or her need for instant gratification. Unfortunately, this also aggravates the symptoms he or she might have. Here are some ways to help your child during the holidays and keep your sanity.


5 Ways to Survive Christmas Shopping with your ADHD Child

December 13, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

In an ideal world, all parents with ADHD kids have the luxury to hire a babysitter while they get their holiday shopping done. But the reality is that a family’s Christmas budget has no space for such a luxury. Sometimes there’s little choice but to bring your child with you during your shopping trips. Here are some ways to make Christmas shopping less stressful for you and your little one.


MRI Scans Reveal that ADHD is Linked to Low Iron

December 2, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

Most people aren’t aware that in a lot of cases, ADHD is triggered by a deficiency in vitamins and minerals needed by the brain. Iron, for instance, is a mineral needed to produce neurotransmitters and regulate dopamine, the brain chemical that controls movement and attention. It makes sense that a deficiency iron might contribute to the onset of ADHD symptoms.

New research shows that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans can be used to measure iron levels in the brains of children with ADHD. This is excellent news, because findings can help doctors and physicians make better decisions about the right treatment.