Tips for ADHD Students: Staying Focused During Finals

April 26, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

Finals season is approaching, and with college or graduate school looming ahead, many ADHD students feel the pressure to perform. When you’re trying succeed in a “typical” education system with your “atypical” brain wiring, the end of the school year is a mess of deadlines and tests. The temptation to load up on stimulant ADHD medication to keep up is great, but there are ways to get by without having to resort to these substances.

I spoke to a few ADHD students, and they were happy to share some tried and tested study tips that got them through the worst finals week has to offer.


4 Springtime Outdoor Activities ADHD Kids Will Love

April 12, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

Now that the sun is out and the weather is warmer, helping your child manage his or her ADHD symptoms can be as simple as going outside. We’ve talked about the benefits of exercise and outdoor activities for children with attention deficiencies or hyperactivity before. These benefits are backed up by research; a study published in the journal Applied Psychology: Health and Wellbeing discovered that even the briefest exposure to green outdoor settings resulted in milder symptoms among kids with ADHD.

Here are four great outdoor activities for your child to try this spring.


Sunlight Exposure Reduces the Risk of ADHD

April 5, 2013 by Dr. Yannick Pauli

Ever wonder why ADHD is more prevalent in North America and Europe, and not quite so in more sunny locations? According to a pioneering study in the journal Biological Psychiatry, the ADHD diagnosis occurs less in places with intense sunshine.