IVF Pregnancy is a Risk Factor for ADHD

March 29, 2010 by Dr.Yannick Pauli

Since the world’s first IVF baby was born in 1978, thousands of children were conceived with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF), an assisted reproductive technology where the sperm and egg are combined in a lab to form embryos. Although research and emerging technologies have improved the success rate of IVF, one lingering question remains – do children born through IVF grow up as healthy as those conceived the old-fashioned way?


Could Vitamin D be the Missing Link?

March 22, 2010 by Dr.Yannick Pauli

We have a lot of articles that explore the relationship between nutrient deficiencies and ADHD.  Often, these nutrient deficiencies and the ADHD symptoms they cause are the secondary effects of a larger underlying problem like leaky gut syndrome.   One of the hottest vitamin supplements at the moment is vitamin D, and many say that it can bring benefits to those with ADHD. Although it’s not as widely studied as zinc or magnesium supplementation, the speculative discussion on this nutrient suggest ways where vitamin D can help someone with ADHD.


The Truth about Sugar-Free Products

March 15, 2010 by Dr.Yannick Pauli

If you are aware that sugar can cause ADHD, then you may no longer buy sweets, pastries, commercial fruit drinks, and other sugary foods when you do the groceries.  Instead, you purchase sugar-free alternatives and artificial sweeteners. After all, it would be cruel to deprive your child of these sweet treats.  But did you know that sugar-free foods won’t necessarily help your child overcome ADHD? Sugar-free products contain substitutes that children with ADHD can be intolerant to. Below are two sugar-free ingredients that your child needs to avoid, and the surprising truth behind them.


The Six Types of ADHD

March 8, 2010 by Dr.Yannick Pauli

Most pediatricians and psychiatrists diagnose ADHD based on a series of criteria outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-IV).  According to the DSM-IV, there are three types of ADHD: inattentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type, and combined type.  But did you know that there are more than three types of ADHD?

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen has handled hundreds of children and adults with ADHD and developed a special brain imaging technique called the SPECT test to help him find the cause of the condition.  His work on SPECT imaging made him realize the full complexity of the disorder.  Over the years, he noticed that there are six distinct SPECT patterns in his ADHD patients, and that each requires a specialized treatment. Based on these observations, Dr. Amen came up with the six types of ADHD.


Five Children’s Books about ADHD

March 1, 2010 by Dr.Yannick Pauli

While behavioral therapy and parenting methods can help kids overcome their ADHD-induced habits, books are still a powerful resource for tips on how to get things done, stay focused, and find motivation. Here are some children’s books that will inspire your child understand and overcome the limitations of ADHD without the use of medication. All of them can be found at your local bookstore or through Amazon.