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What is the UnRitalin Solution?

If you have been reading the articles contained on this website, you probably already have a general idea about what the UnRitalin Solution is all about and its stance on how ADHD should be treated. Just as 7-Up used the term "Un-Cola" to differentiate itself from Coca-Cola, so does the UnRitalin Solution differentiate itself from the medical community's response to ADHD - the infamous Ritalin. The UnRitalin Solution is not a crusade against ADHD medications, nor are we here to judge parents who decided to have their children medicated. We are here to provide an alternative, logical approach to ADHD that do not use medication.

Throughout the years, we have developed a 14-step structured process that maps out the most effective alternative treatments for ADHD. This step-by-step organized process is not a one-size-fits-all type of treatment the way Ritalin and other ADHD medications are. Rather, the UnRitalin Solution's 14 keys are natural treatments distributed and planned out according to the unique genetic, biologic, neurological, mental, and emotional needs of the individual. Not all the keys will work the same way for everyone. Some children may only need four keys, while others may need the entire process.

To give you a brief overview of how the UnRitalin Solution works, here are the 14 keys to overcoming ADHD as well as a short description of each. As you might notice, a lot of the 14 keys have to do with nutrition and other therapies, which medical doctors do not usually place a lot of importance on.

1. Taking inventory. This involves understanding the child's medical history, family history, as well as understanding how he or she functions at home and in school. The child and his or her parents will be interviewed and potential environmental triggers for ADHD will be identified.

2. Back to basics. This key is about preparing a nurturing home environment before a treatment plan is put into action. We believe that every child must be exposed to a lot of sun, air, water, healthy food, rest, and a balanced mental attitude for him or her to thrive and be receptive to the treatment plan.

3. Access Healing physiology. In order for an individual to truly heal, the body must be completely relaxed and free of tension. Healing physiology is about entering a state of relaxation and letting go of all the stress plaguing the mind and body so that the body can trigger its own healing mechanisms.

4. Balance electromagnetics. Did you know that there is a relationship between electromagnetic exposure and brain performance? This key involves reducing electromagnetic pollution.

5. Balance neurology. This key focuses on the brain, identifying the problem areas that may be causing ADHD, and using non-chemical solutions, including basic brain retraining exercises to rehabilitate the brain circuits that are weaker or delayed in their development.

6. Balance structure. Another thing you may not know is that there is a relationship between a spinal dysfunctions and ADHD. This key looks into the possibility of working with a chiropractor with special training in neurology to help the spine function properly.

7. Eat right for your genes. Doctors often fail to recognize the importance of diet and nutrition in treating ADHD. This key is about nutritional intervention and planning a diet that will replenish any lost or deficient nutrients in the body.

8. Heal the gut. Part of what may be causing the nutritional deficiencies in children with ADHD is an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract. This key involves cleansing the gut and repairing the gut lining so it becomes more efficient and absorbing essential nutrients and vitamins.

9. Balance metabolism. This key brings back balance to bodily systems through the use of herbs and supplements.

10. Desensitize the body. Food allergies have been known to exacerbate symptoms of ADHD. This key is about desensitizing the body to foods that cause allergies through allergy removing techniques.

11. Detoxify. Toxins from heavy metals and cigarette smoke have been proven to trigger ADHD in young children. Removing sources of toxins that damage the nervous system will go a long way in helping your child overcome ADHD.

12. Free up the emotions. Unresolved emotions may serve as the root of more problems for children with ADHD. This key involves taking measures to free up any built-up emotions in the child.

13. Engage the body-mind. Never underestimate the healing power of the mind! This key will teach your child how to overcome symptoms of ADHD through mental techniques like meditation.

14. Grow spiritually and embrace the ADHD gift. Individuals with ADHD are full of unique skills and gifts not normally recognized by the traditional school system. Here, your child will learn how to cultivate the skills and abilities unique to individuals with ADHD.

There are many natural approaches that you can use to help your child overcome ADHD. In fact, there are so many options that it might sometimes be confusing. The Unritalin Solution gives you a guided, roadmap that will take the confusion out of natural approaches and allow you to design a comprehensive healing plan that will work for your child.