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ADHD Test: Online Screening

Parents who suspect that their children might have attention deficit hyperactiv disorder sometimes turn to ADHD tests online to confirm their suspicions. After all, there's no better place to look than the information superhighway. ADHD online tests are self-evaluation tests that screen whether or not your child's behavioral responses match the symptoms of ADHD. One of the great advantages of ADHD online tests is that they are free. No need to spend money on expensive consultation fees and other testing procedures!  However, there are several limitations to ADHD online testing.

The first concern is that not all online tests for ADHD are reliable and valid.  Anyone with an internet connection, regardless of whether or not they are licensed to do so, can create a test and claim to be able to  identify the condition.  The only ADHD tests you should consider are the ones formulated by doctors, psychologists, and alternate health care practitioners, and that have gone through proper scientific evaluation. Do not make your child take any ADHD tests online unless you know who authored the test and what his or her credentials are. 

Even if a test has been created by a recognized expert and has been scientifically validated, it is essential to remember that it is not the test that makes a diagnosis; this is the role of a clinician. Several symptoms are shared by ADHD and other conditions. For example, from a traditional medicine perspective it is essential to differentiate between ADHD and bipolar disorder. But from our perspective, it is even more important to remember that online tests – and ADHD diagnosis for that matter – are only descriptive. That means that they describe a behavior, but they do not explain at all what is causing that behavior in the first place. In the UnRitalin Solution, we are interested in finding out the causes.

Despite being diagnostically imprecise, ADHD online tests can help parents and teachers determine whether a child experiences sufficient behavioral problems to the point of warranting a consultation with a health care professional.  If you must have your child take an online test, its results should in no way replace a complete evaluation by a trained and licensed health care professional.

That being said, there are two ADHD online tests that can help you get started.  The tests listed below were authored by licensed practitioners and ADHD experts.

Amen Clinic ADD Test

The Amen Clinic ADD Test is a self-rating test for both children and adults.  The test costs $4.95 and is composed of 75 scenarios that ask how frequently a certain type of behavior is displayed in that context. After the test-taker answers all 75 questions, the results will be displayed.  Printing out the results and showing them to your child's doctor may be of help in identifying the specific problems experienced by your child.  

Amen Brain System Test

The Amen Brain System Test is another self-rating test designed by the Amen Clinics. Unlike the Amen Clinic ADD Test, this one will identify any problems or damage in the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, anterior cingulated gyrus, temporal lobe, or deep limbic system, in order to provide evidence for targeted interventions.  The test costs $4.95.