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Can ADHD be cured naturally?

One of the first things parents want to know about ADHD is if there is a cure for the disorder. After all, nobody wants their children to suffer from the effects of uncontrollable inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. If we define "cure" as eliminating the symptoms of a disease completely, restoring a person to full health, and ensuring that the disease does not recur, then there is no magic bullet cure to ADHD.

Handling ADHD is not as simple as dealing with a disease like the flu or an ear infection; you don't take antibiotics and wait for it to go away. Like most mental conditions, ADHD is a chronic disease that needs management rather than a cure. Unlike cures, ADHD management is about managing the symptoms and keeping them to a minimum so that the disorder no longer impedes on the child's social, intellectual and emotional development. With the right treatment plan, the symptoms will diminish in months or years; however, the predisposition to the disorder will always remain.

A medical doctor will probably respond to your child's ADHD diagnosis by prescribing medications designed to suppress the symptoms of ADHD. But as we've already discussed in previous articles, dealing with ADHD primarily through medication is an inadequate and short-sighted way of handling the problem. First of all, the positive effects of the medication only lasts a couple of hours; in the long-term (3 years or more), the use of ADHD medication has been proven not to work, as well as to cause serious side effects. As if this wasn't enough, medications only address the manifestations of the condition - the symptoms - instead of the factors that trigger ADHD in the first place.

While natural and herbal remedies to ADHD are safer and more effective than taking medication, you must also be wary about websites or manufacturers that carry so-called natural "cures" to the disorder. There isn't just one alternative treatment that will instantly heal every child with ADHD. Each child exhibits different symptoms and has a different constellation of problems related to ADHD, and each child will also respond to different treatments in different ways. One child might benefit immensely from taking omega 3 supplements, while the next might need specialized treatments like brain-balancing approaches or neurofeedback. The efficacy of alternative treatments depends on the individual child's unique body chemistry, medical history, and environment. And more often than not, it will take a series of trial and error until you find the right treatment that will work for your child.

This is where the UnRitalin Solution comes in. The UnRitalin Solution contains all the known natural remedies to ADHD condensed it into fourteen steps approach, which saves parents the trouble and frustration of finding the right treatment plan for their child. What makes the Unritalin Solution work so well is that it doesn't stop at treating the symptoms themselves. Instead, it diminishes the antecedents and environmental triggers that interact with the child's predisposition for ADHD through therapy, diets, and lifestyle changes. The UnRitalin Solution is designed around the child's unique needs, and uses the best and most effective natural approaches to manage the disorder without the help of drugs. So while there may be no cure for ADHD, there is a safe and healthy way of treating the condition so that your child can lead a normal and happy life.