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What are the best ADHD natural remedies?

Like any concerned parent who wants to keep their children safe from the side effects of ADHD medication, you probably want to know what the best natural remedies for ADHD are. But if you read on, you will discover that there is no such thing as a best remedy or a number one alternative treatment for ADHD.

The notion of a "best cure" or "best treatment" for ADHD comes from the way traditional medicine approaches the disorder. If you ask a medical doctor what causes ADHD, he or she will probably give a concise, clear reply: ADHD is caused by a chemical imbalance or a deficiency in certain neurotransmitters of the brain. Therefore, the best way to deal with ADHD is for your child to take medication that will momentarily stimulate the production of those neurotransmitters.

Unfortunately, ADHD is not simply a problem of chemical imbalance in the brain, and finding the right treatment for ADHD can be a complicated issue. If you read our previous articles, you have learned that ADHD is triggered when certain environmental factors interact with a child's predisposition to the disorder. These environmental factors are numerous and range from problems during pregnancy and childbirth, to the child's current lifestyle and habits. Many imbalances and deficiencies in the brain and the body of the child may occur as a consequence of this interaction. And the combinations of symptoms that those imbalances create can be virtually endless. This is why no two children experience ADHD the exact same way, and why no two children will respond to treatment in the same manner - be it a prescription drug like Ritalin or an alternative treatment like Omega-3 oil supplements. One treatment will produce excellent results for one child while giving unsatisfactory result in another. This is why there is no such thing as the best natural remedy for ADHD. The efficacy of any treatment varies from individual to individual.

When looking into natural remedies for ADHD, the question you should then be asking your health care specialist is not, "What are the best natural remedies for ADHD?" Instead, what you should be asking is, "What are the best natural remedies that can address my child's specific needs and imbalances so that b his/her body and mind can be brought back into balance?" Searching for a treatment with this question in mind is the best way to approach the disorder because it allows you to see the whole picture and approach ADHD from many different angles. Here are some places where you can start your search.

Numerous studies have shown that children with ADHD suffer from deficiencies in key nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and essential fatty acids. Look for a specialist who can do tests on your child and see whether he or she is suffering from a deficiency in any of these nutrients. If there are any, you can place your child on a diet designed to replenish these nutrients.

Children with ADHD also suffer from inadequate brain stimulation. They spend long hours sitting in class and spend their spare time playing video or computer games instead of going out and giving their postural muscles a good exercise. A body that receives very little exercise will have a hard time sending the right kind of neurological stimulation needed by the brain. If you notice that your child is too sedentary, enroll him or her in sports and encourage him or her to spend time playing outdoors.

It's important for you to remember that treating ADHD should not stop at just one natural remedy. There is no one cure for one disorder, especially for one that is as complex as ADHD. So if it's the best natural remedy you want, then you should consider nothing less than a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan created to address your child's unique needs.