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What are alternatives to ADHD treatment?

If you are reading this article, you have probably read about the devastating side effects of Ritalin and are wondering if there are any safe alternatives to ADHD medication. There are in fact numerous natural remedies to ADHD, but the problem is that there are so many of them that it's quite difficult to figure out where to begin!

The UnRitalin Solution was born as a response to the variety of alternative treatments to ADHD. Our approach is a logical, organized, step-by-step process of sorting out all the natural treatments for ADHD so you don't waste time with trial and error treatments on your child. All the natural approaches known to us have been condensed into fourteen keys or steps. The UnRitalin Solution begins with a rigorous evaluation process where we gather as much information about your child's medical history and environment as we can. Once we have evaluated your child, we tailor-fit the fourteen keys into a holistic solution that suits your child's unique needs.

Unfortunately, we do not enough space to discuss the fourteen keys at length, but we will briefly mention some of the basic alternatives contained within the UnRitalin Solution, just so you know what natural treatments to expect.

Nutrition and diet

Medical doctors place very little importance on nutrition and diet when it comes to treating ADHD. In fact, they might even tell you that the food your child eats has absolutely no impact on the disorder! Actually, eating the right foods can help diminish or even eliminate symptoms of ADHD. For instance, research has discovered that certain foods like gluten, dairy products, and eggs affect the brain wave activation pattern of children with ADHD. These foods are difficult to digest and often cause food sensitivities and allergies in children. Removing these foods from the child's diet and introducing more proteins and low glycemic-index carbohydrates - which you can find in fruits and leafy green vegetables - can helped reduce symptoms of ADHD in many cases.

Several studies have also shown that many children with ADHD are deficient in certain nutrients essential fats necessary for several brain functions. Often, they are deficient in Omega 3, an essential fatty acid that our body cannot produce by itself. Introducing Omega-3 oil supplements or foods rich in Omega-3 can go a long way in helping to reduce symptoms of ADHD.

The practical implications of these studies are that children with ADHD benefit immensely from a healthy, dairy-free diet composed of deep-water fish, proteins, and high glycemic-index carbohydrates found in vegetables and fruits.

Gut healing and detoxification

Research has shown that many children with ADHD suffer from imbalanced gut flora. Bad bacteria proliferate and release toxins that inflame the gut and are toxic for the body. The gut inflammation prevents the proper absorption of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The toxins produced by bad bacteria in the gut also overload the liver. Gut healing is an crucial component of a holistic management of ADHD. To heal the gut, we need to remove food allergies and intolerances, improve digestion with digestive enzymes and bring the gut flora back into balance through probiotic supplements. If those approaches are not enough to decrease the burden on the liver, or if we suspect that the child may be intoxicated with heavy metals, a detoxification program can be instituted.

Physical stimulation

Did you know that there is a relationship between spine trauma and ADHD? Since the spine contains receptors that transform mechanical information into neurological information that goes to the brain, it makes sense that a well-functioning spine is the key to a well-functioning brain. If you'd like to see if working with the spine will benefit your child, consult a chiropractor with special training in neurology and ADHD or chiropractic pediatrics. He or she will help rehabilitate the spine and help the nervous system function better without the use of medication. Several case reports have been published in the scientific literature that demonstrate the benefit of chiropractic for children with ADHD.

When considering any treatment for ADHD - medical or otherwise - you must always keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to ADHD. ADHD is a spectrum disorder, which means that each child experiences different symptoms, and that each child will respond to different treatments in different ways. The UnRitalin Solution will help you figure out which treatment program is best for your child so he or she can overcome the symptoms of ADHD safely and naturally.